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"Thank you so much for your presentation. The students truly enjoyed it, categorizing it as 'cool', 'interesting' and 'fun!' Most importantly, the stories and anecdotes you shared definitely sparked some interest and awareness about the kinds of things they can accomplish if they put their minds to it. We also appreciated your enthusiasm and positive attitude - it was truly contagious! We will definitively keep you in mind for future events... keep in touch!"

Andy A. Herrera
Director of Educational Equity and Diversity Programs - Penn State

"My students are raving about @phillymac--he just finished speaking to a class about The Zen of Web Design. They adored him! Thank you @phillymac!"

Lauren Vargas
Professor, Northwood University

With over 14 years of professional speaking experience in topics as diverse as personality types, communication and customer service all the way to THE web design primer for executives and business and marketing teams, Phillip Zannini will bring your audience alive and leave them with more information than they imagined!

"Whether conveying complex processes or simple concepts, Phil Zannini's infectious zeal for life permeates everything he says and does. He not only educates, he captivates and motivates."

Ed Illig, Principal
Brainstorm (www.brainstormbrand.com)